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Efficient production and planning management

For a correct production management we are supported by a software created and developed internally, which allows a real time progress monitoring of the production through an integrated system among raw material entrance, production machines and shipping department.

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Integrated process control

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) allows reliable data collection for precise analysis with the aim of constant improvement of all processes. The system, applied to each turning center on a dedicated PC is visible from all company workstations enabling integrated management of all processes as:

  • Order entry

  • Selection of materials

  • Selection of most suitable turning center and tools

  • Production planning

  • Development of correct and best machining cycle

  • Setting of washing cycles

  • Selection of most suitable packaging

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Efficiency of controls, checks and maintenance

Through the connection with control and measurement systems, the software indicates the timing of dimensional controls and allows the inspection of wear and assessment of tool replacement as well as of the trend of defect workpieces and production interruptions, with specific reason analysis. It also allows to view the drawing of the product and the tool correctors used for each operation.

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