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We know how to make the most of our Technology

The key to successful cooperation with our customers lies in the constant dedication to research and development, in the deepened study of tools, as well as in our talented and skilled team.

Quality certifications gained during the years, starting with ISO 9000 obtained in 1997, up to 4.0 Industry and Energy Sustainability Certificate, are part of the implementation of our accurate process.

Download our ISO 9001 certification

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Quality for SOM

For us quality is synonymous with constant search of improvement in the aim of reducing risks of error. To this extent, we place the utmost attention in specialized training of our operators and in selection of support tools for quality control. In this we are assisted by detailed documentary processes for production monitoring. Capacity certificates are available with XR cards and CP and CPK calculation.

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Control tools for maximum precision

We survey and record all measurements in real time with automatic systems both by contact and by vision with different instruments such as:

  • Three-dimensional ZEISS with indexable continuous scanning head with automatic feeler change
  • HOMMEL HOPTIC CONTOUR optical scanning measurement system
  • Data recording and process capacity calculation system SPC DATAMYTE and Q-DAS PROCELLA
  • Profile projector with MITUTOYO fibre optic feeler
  • MITUTOYO and ALPHA roughness meters
  • Hommel-Contour 305 automatic camera scanning measuring system
  • Hommel-Etamic C8000 / T8000C Comined roughness and contour measuring system
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